Lab Book Signing

This page is a list of APDs authorised signatories for lab book safety. Additionally the ditributions of lab books to sign is added here although it is noted that any signatory (including APD) can countersign your lab book in case of absence etc.

Authorised SignatoryTo Check Lab Books Of
Chiara ArnoMathieu; Shaun; Cinzia; Jan; Wei
Josh WorchHannah; Anissa; Setuhn; Panos; Maher
Maria Perez MadrigalAndrew; Ismail; Zac; Zehua; Janak
Hannah PrydderchJosh; Charlotte; Connor; Sofiem; Paula
Andrew WeemsMar; Noe; Bo; Zichun; Gordon
 Mathieu TschanChiara; Siobhan; Shu; Fergus