Sofiem Garmendia

Office: 409

Lab: 709

Sofiem was born in Tolosa, Spain. He earned her BS in Chemistry department from University of the Basque Country at Chemistry Faculty (San Sebastián) in September, 2013. He worked with superhydrophobic coatings based on polyurethane-siloxane copolymers in Polymat. He also earned his Erasmus Mundus in Polymer Chemistry from CERM at Université de Liège (BE) July, 2014, focusing his research in the preparation of carbon fillers based porous structures for electromagnetic shielding under the supervision of Prof. Christophe Detrembleur and Prof. Christine Jérôme. In 2015, he completed his M.Sc. in Polymat (University of the Basque Country) working on the Synthesis of organic radical contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging under the supervision of Dr. Haritz Sardon and Prof. David Mecerreyes. Sofiem joined the University of Bordeaux in November, 2015 as part of the European Project SUSPOL, being recipient of the Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher fellowship. He is doing a PhD in Micellar Catalysis mediated by Poly-(N-Heterocyclic Carbene)-based Nanoreactors between the University of Bordeaux (FR) and University of Warwick (UK).