Siobhan Kilbride

Office: 705

Lab: 409

Siobhan grew up in Liverpool and completed her MChem at the University of Liverpool in July 2016. During her degree Siobhan spent her third year in industry working for Innospec Ltd, Ellesmere Port. Whilst at Innospec Siobhan spent the year working amide surfactant synthesis avoiding the Schotten-Baumann reaction. For her fourth year Masters project Siobhan spent the year under the supervision of Professor Andrew Hodgson in the Surface Science department studying the adsorption of water on the Cu(511) surface. Furthermore, in 2016 Siobhan completed a summer internship at Unilever focusing on green surfactant synthesis. In February 2017 Siobhan started her Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Andrew Dove at the University of Warwick researching the synthesis and ring opening polymerisation of stereopure ε-substituted- ε-lactones.