Dr Simon Dale

Office: 705

Lab: 709

Simon is from Cheshire and completed his BSc and MSc in Chemistry at University of Liverpool. He undertook his MSc research project under Professor Steve Rannard with the primary aim towards synthesising hyper-branched polydendrons via a free radical polymerisation method. After completion of his Masters degree, Simon worked for Perstorp in Warrington researching and synthesising polycaprolactone by ring opening polymerisation for use as additives, blends and biodegradable thermoplastics. In October 2018, he started his PhD under the supervision of Professor Rachel O’Reilly and Professor Andrew Dove investigating polyester containing block co-polymers and their self-assembly in non-polar organic solvents. He successfully defended his viva in July 2022, and is continuing his research of block co-polymer self-assembly in non-polar organic media as a PDRA in the O’Reilly and Dove groups.