Dr Josh Worch

Office: 409

Lab: 706

Josh joined the Dove research group as a postdoc in November 2016. His current research involves the design and synthesis of mechanically tunable elastomers using stereo-controlled click chemistry.Hailing from the United States, Josh received his BA in chemistry from Manchester University (USA) in 2011. He then moved to Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, USA) to develop organic semiconductors for energy applications under the advisement of Prof. Kevin Noonan. In September 2016, he completed a PhD in organic and polymer chemistry with his thesis titled, “Well-Defined Semiconducting Materials with Stabilized Molecular Orbitals: Thiaphospholes to Polythiophenes.”


5. Nickel-Catalyzed Suzuki Polycondensation for Controlled Synthesis of Ester-Functionalized Conjugated Polymers. Worch, J.C. (co-first author); Qiu, Y.; Fortney, A.; Baker, M.A.; Kowalewski, T.; Noonan, K.J.T. , Macromolecules, (2016) 49, 4757–4762.

4. Stability and reactivity of 1,3–benzothiaphospholes: metalation and Diels-Alder chemistry. Worch, J.C.; Hellemann, E.; Pros, G.; Gayathri, C.; Pintauer, T.; Gil, R.R.; Noonan, K.J.T., Organometallics, (2015) 34, 5366–5373.

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2. Synthetic tuning of electronic and photophysical properties of 2–aryl–1,3–benzothiaphospholes. Worch, J.C.; Chirdon, D.N.; Maurer, A.B.; Qiu, Y.; Geib, S.J.; Bernhard, S.; Noonan, K.J.T., J. Org. Chem., (2013) 78, 7462–7469.

1. Analytical rheology of metallocene–catalyzed polyethylenes. Takeh, A.; Worch, J.C.; Shanbhag, S., Macromolecules, (2011) 44, 3656–3665.