Gordon Herwig

Office: 409

Lab: 406

Gordon completed his Bsc in Chemistry at the Chemnitz University of Technology in 2011. In his Bachelor’s project under Prof. Stefan Spange he investigated substituted salicylic alcohols as precursors for monomers in Twin Polymerization. During his Master’s studies in 2013 he spent 6 month on an IAESTE traineeship in the team of Christian Hornung at the CSIRO (Melbourne, Australia), manufacturing a functional tubing for continuous flow reactors. Gordon returned to Chemnitz to finish his Master’s research in the group of Prof. Robert Magerle on the combination of single molecule spectroscopy and AFM imaging in semi-crystalline polymer films. He joined the Dove group for his PhD studies in 2015 on a Leverhulme Trust grant to investigate novel elastomer materials.


Porous Double-Layer Polymer Tubing for the Potential Use in Heterogeneous Continuous Flow Reactions. Herwig, G.; Hornung, C. H.; Peeters, G.; Ebdon, N.; Savage, G. P. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2014), 6, 22838–22846.