Bige Batı



Bige is from Izmir, Turkey. She earned her first degree in Chemistry at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and spent one academic year at Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, as part of the Erasmus programme. Bige continued her studies at ITU as a postgraduate within the Polymer Science and Technology Program; her Master’s project, on the development of the foam structure of Expanded TPU bead foams, was a collaboration with Huntsman Polyurethane (Belgium), under the consultancy of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Reza Nofar.

Since graduating, Bige has worked as a Product Development Assistant Specialist in the R&D department of SOCAR Turkey’s Petrochemical and Refinery complex. Bige focused on the development of systems and research on catalysts for PP and HDPE polymerisation, and led a project on the synthesis of ethylene-carbon monoxide polyketone in cooperation with ITU. 

Bige’s research during her PhD as part of the Dove Group will investigate stereochemically controlled poly(propylene succinate) by ring-opening polymerisation and its application for high barrier property materials.

Bige Batı