Anissa Khalfa

Office: 411

Lab: 706

Anissa grew up in Paris and completed her M.S. in fundamental and applied Chemistry at Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris) in July 2016. She obtained it with a specialization in Polymer Science. In 2015, she undertook a 5-month placement in the scientific and technical center for building 9 (CSTB) where she worked on the elaboration of sensitive layers of micro-sensor for volatile organic compound detection. In 2016, she realized her thesis work for her master’s degree at the LCPO in Bordeaux under the supervision of Dr. Etienne Grau. She worked on reversible cross-linking of elastomers compatible with supercritical CO2 during 6 months. Anissa is a research assistant working with Dr Simon Leigh in Engineering and Prof. Dove to investigate new PLGA-based materials for drug delivery.